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Congratulations on taking the first step to starting a new career. Our group training course consist
of training with the most in-depth details on the lashing industry. Our course come with an
exclusive Lavish Lashes training manual that has everything you need to know about lashing. After
becoming certified and perfecting our craft we feel confident that we have the education and
technique you will need to be successful eyelash technician. In our intensive training students will
learn the theory of eyelash extensions in great depth as well as the hands on application skills
needed to be successful in this industry. Lavish Lashes classic extension training includes a
complete kit, certificate, 10% off student discount on future products, 15% off one refresher
training within 2 years, and ongoing mentoring.


Lavish lashes private courses are designed for students prefer a more private training setting. You
will work with an instructor with one on one training techniques to ensure you are getting the
learning style you need. In additional to our private course you will need to be prepared to bring a
model to “mock” hands on live application. I recommend using a family member or close friend for


Prepare yourself for a new journey in your life. You are taking a life changing step into a billion
dollar industry. Lavish Lashes Academy provide many different learning techniques to ensure we
reach each’s learning style. We will work from both client and lash artist experience so that we
make sure your confident in being on both sides of the business. Classroom sizes are no bigger than
3 per instructor to make sure your getting an extensive individual attention. On the day of training
simply come dress for SUCCESS!!


 Lash Beginner Training Course $850 per person
 Lash Refresher Course $600 per person
 Private Training Course $1000 per person

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